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Agent Release Notes

There are two versions of the DroneDeploy Agent made available: the stable version, and the newer (but potentially less reliable) unstable version.

Latest Stable is v1.6.11

Download links (stable release):

Latest Unstable is v1.7.12

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.7.12

6th June, 2024

  • DJI Component: General updates.
  • Rocos Component: Bug fix which could result in agent config files being read incorrectly.
  • Spot Component: Added support for specifying the Dock ID in the agent settings.
  • Flow Component: Added project ID and robot callsign to the notify flow nodes.
  • ROS Component: Fixed edge case which could cause the agent to crash when the ROS component was reconfigured.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.7.9

3rd April, 2024

  • DJI Component: Added service input to disable RTK for wayline flights.
  • DJI Component: Ensure aircraft camera storage lens settings are always configured as desired by monitoring dock telemetry.
  • GStreamer Component: Improved robustness of handling pipeline errors.
  • Spot Component: Edge case fixed which could result in the Spot CAM stream failing to be restarted when an error is encountered.
  • Spot Component: Support for .mp4 and .wav files downloaded from Spot's DAQ service.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.7.7

30th January, 2024

  • Flow Component: Native entry points added for mission reporting.

  • Flow Component: Spot flow provider (for Autowalk integration) updated to automatically include native mission reporting.

  • Flow Component: Bug fixed which could cause the Spot flow provider to add in a duplicate Return to Dock Autowalk Element.

  • Flow Component: Services added for getting and setting blackboard variables for running flows:

    • /flow-engine/blackboard/get
    • /flow-engine/blackboard/set
  • Platform Component: /platform/map/sendToCloud service added to send a robot map to the cloud.

  • Platform Component: /platform/flow/deploy service added to deploy a flow to a target robot.

  • Platform Component: /platform/flow/delete service added to delete a flow.

  • Service Sender Component: Bug fixed preventing service payloads from being returned successfully.

  • ANYbotics Component: Updated with latest ANYbotics API release.

  • GStreamer Component: Bug fixed to ensure broken connections are reconnected if a subscription still exists for that stream.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.7.6

9th January, 2024

  • Flow Component: Download map entry point bug fixed.
  • Flow Component: Resource loading will retry to account for mis-ordered manifests.
  • Flow Component: Flow generation duplicate resource bug fix.
  • Flow Component: Spot flow provider introduced to integrate Autowalks into Flows.
  • Map Component: Edge case bug fixed which could prevent a Spot map from being saved to a static map successfully.
  • Spot Component: Simplified control client introduced.
  • Rocos Component: Notifications will automatically be sent to the portal on component start up errors.
  • Spot Component: Zoom / Field of View calculation bug fix to allow "click to position" to work for the SpotCAM PTZ in the portal.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.7.5

4th December, 2023

  • GStreamer Component: Fixed edge case that could cause the component to become deadlocked.
  • Services Component: Removed service response send deadline which could cause issues for large response messages.
  • Flow Component: Fixed race condition with setting and getting flow blackboard variables.
  • Persistent Sender Component: Fixed bug where messages queued for storage streams would fail to be sent.
  • Docker Component: Added a service to create a container: docker/create .
  • Spot Component: Added an explicit stop command when pausing an autowalk on Spot. This prevents an edge case where Spot would show a delay before respecting the pause autowalk request.
  • Map Component: Fixed bug where loading a static map to a dynamic map would result in the dynamic map having its old content still present, in addition to the new content.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.7.3

19th October, 2023

  • Spot Component: Edge case bug fix for the return to dock services (/spot/docking/navigateAndDock , and /spot/graphnav/navigateNextToDock ) which could cause the agent to crash if there was no GraphNav graph loaded on Spot.
  • Flow Component: Edge case bug fix which could cause the agent to crash attempting to run a large flow.
  • Flow Component: Edge case bug fix which could cause the agent to crash if a blackboard variable was simultaneously read from and written to.
  • Rocos Component: Improved network diagnostics telemetry.
  • GStreamer Component: Bug fix with multiple subscriptions to the same GStreamer pipeline which could cause the pipeline to be closed unexpectedly.
  • Map Component: Bug fix which could cause large maps to fail to be saved.
  • Provisioner Component: Improved robustness for the Insta360 provisioning recipe.
  • Rocos Component: Bug fix which could cause the agent to crash if components were disabled during particular processes.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.7.1

19th June, 2023

  • Flow Component: Notification nodes added.
  • Flow Component: Naming convention updated to differentiate nodes from classes.
  • Flow Component: Generate UUID native entry point added.
  • Flow Component: Unix Nano timestamp entry point added.
  • ANYbotics Component: This new component allows communication with ANYmal robots via the ANYbotics server gRPC API.
  • Spot Component: Avoid PTZ cage logic added for Set PTZ Position service calls.
  • Spot Component: Support for updated Boston Dynamics DAQ v3.3 metadata format.
  • Spot Component: Ability to set payload settings through service calls.
  • Spot Component: Create waypoint service added.
  • Spot Component: Retry docking on misaligned error.
  • Spot Component: Get and Load mission from/to Spot now use new chunking RPCs.
  • Spot Component: Return to Dock robustness improvements. The previous implementation required that a waypoint annotated with the keyword for Spot's "Dock Prep Pose" was found in Spot's map. Now a fallback option is included where the dock fiducial simply needs to be present in Spot's map. Navigating in front of the dock is then able to be carried out before docking.

The return to dock services (/spot/docking/navigateAndDock, and /spot/graphnav/navigateNextToDock) include a known bug with the Unstable Release 1.7.1. It is an edge case which will cause the agent to crash if there is no GraphNav graph loaded on Spot. The agent release for v1.7.3 contains the fix for this.

  • Spot Component: Freeze Spot service added. This allows posing Spot in its "freeze" mode where the legs are locked in place.
  • Map Component: Map component updated to allow ingesting robot map data into a DroneDeploy format. This can then be stored in the cloud. From here it can then be deployed back down to robots as required.
  • Leica Component: Static Pose services added to Leica Component.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.6.20

19th June, 2023

  • Subscription Manager: Wildcard subscriptions fixed for URI query bug.
  • Scheduler Component: Fixed edge case which could cause adding new schedules to fail.
  • Spot Component: Fixed issue caused by mandatory action/group name fields in Spot v3.3 data acquisition API.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.6.19

7th June, 2023

  • Events Component: Control endpoint added to allow automating custom event triggering.
  • Spot Component: Support for streaming DAQ metadata as telemetry.
  • Spot Component: New point cloud service: /spot/pointcloud/savePointCloudToDisk to allow saving the immediate velodyne LiDAR surroundings to disk as a .ply file.
  • Files Component: Bug fixed which could occasionally cause the files component to fail to start.
  • HTTP Component: Bug fixed which could cause long-running HTTP requests to time out before completing.
  • Spot Component: Local service URIs now supported in the agent settings for tablet services.
  • Spot Component: the docking service /spot/docking/navigateAndDock will now succeed even with no map if dock is in sight.
  • Spot Component: Bug fix for setting file attributes automatically for thermal inspection files containing thermal anomalies.
  • Rocos Component: Bug fix preventing a component in an error state from being reconfigured in the agent settings.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.6.17

9th May, 2023

  • Flow Component: Added cleaning up of flows loaded onto the agent via the Run Test button.
  • Plugin Component: Diagnostic information retrieved from crashed plugins as well as the ability to automatically restart them.
  • Component Manager: Bug fix to handle invalid component IDs entered in the agent settings.
  • Spot Component: /spot/graphnav/navigateTo service added. A user can now specify a pose and frame and the transform into the seed frame is handled by the agent.
  • Rocos Component: Potential race condition bug fixed to better handle config updates.
  • Scheduler Component: Higher frequency of status telemetry.
  • Rocos Component: Time sync edge case bug fixed.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.6.16

26th April, 2023

  • Spot Component: /spot/data/captureImageAndSaveToSpotStorage __service will now capture all image sources if imageSourceName input is left empty.
  • Spot Component: map anchoring will now return an error if the map was unchanged.
  • Rocos Component: config handling updates.
  • Flow Component: Support for type []Transform now added.
  • Flow Component: Flow status now includes global values.
  • Component Manager: Parallel component start up to improve start up time.
  • Spot Component: Image services which are late to register with Spot are now detected and supported.
  • Leica Component: Race condition bug fixed with saving new files to disk.
  • Spot Component: /spot/docking/navigateAndDock service call now returns success immediately if already docked.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.6.14

27th March, 2023

  • Spot Component: Added mission ID to mission info publishing.
  • ROS Component: Array schema bug fix for ROS services and actions.
  • Spot Component: GraphNav SetLocalization service updated to allow directly setting the pose in the specified waypoint frame.
  • Flow Component: Non-blocking forwards outputs now respect context cancellation with new $WithCancel exported JavaScript function.
  • Spot Component: Remote mission servers resilience to potential Spot bug.
  • Flow Component: Flows now support ingesting arguments.
  • Rocos Component: Updated static portal addresses to point to new Automate site.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.6.13

17th March, 2023

  • Spot Component: bug fixed when component is shut down.
  • Rocos Component: Telemetry Sender stats bug fix.
  • Spot Component: Option to append to graph in upload service.
  • Agent Library: Cross-Partition compatible file rename support.
  • Flow Component: Subscribe Channelled bug fixed.
  • Spot Component: Advanced anchoring and topology processing services added.
  • Flow Component: Synchronous Subscribe native node created.
  • Service Component: Support for ttl queries in service URIs.
  • Spot Component: Return to Dock service call added.
  • Spot Component: Bug fixes to remote mission servers (tablet services).
  • Spot Component: More robust stateful behavior for Dock and Undock service calls.
  • Plugins: Time-sync improvements.
  • Spot Component: Additional play mission settings added to support the latest Spot firmware updates.
  • Spot Component: isSpotLost telemetry now returns true when not localized to any map. Previously was only true when an explicit lost flag was received from Spot.
  • Rocos Component: Readability improvements to subscriptions topic format.
  • Flow Component: Flow restart policy added to start flow service call.
  • HTTP Component: HTTP service response converted to portal compatible json.
  • Events Component: Event action execution now possible locally by the agent.
  • Spot Component: Dock and Finish Recording Service Added.
  • Spot Component: Spot check and camera calibration service calls added.
  • Spot Component: Important nodes in Spot’s mission are now populated in mission reports.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.6.12

28th February, 2023

  • Flow Engine Component: Bug fix with a graph output which is not connected to anything.
  • New WebRTC tunnel component and tool created.
  • Rocos Component: Bug fix in agent stats reporting.
  • Telemetry Component: Telemetry bug fix.
  • Flow Engine Component: Instance loader now supports creating multiple runtime instances.
  • Flow Engine Component: Subscribe node bug fix.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.6.11

12th October, 2022

  • Spot Component: Added a service to set the speed of the spot fans for robots on v3.2 firmware and higher.
  • Spot Component: Makes use of new auto stair detection feature found in v3.2 and higher firmware. Legacy legacy stair mode for v3.1.x and lower is still supported.
  • Spot Component: All commands that require motor power will automatically power them on.
  • Spot Component: Fixed bug that would cause false “STATUS_PAUSED” responses to spam mission reports.
  • Spot Component: Fixed potential bug that would result in spot services failing if they required a significant amount of time to run.

This agent version supports the V2 visual script workflow schema.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.6.10

23rd September, 2022

  • Spot Component: Fixed bug that was resulting in mission nodes not showing up in the mission report.
  • Spot Component: Fixed bug so now if the “StartMission” function is called after a mission has run successfully it will re-run rather than just post an arbitrary “SUCCESS” message.
  • Spot Component: Fixed potential panic that could occur due to concurrent map iteration and map write.
  • Spot Component: Fixed bug that would prevent SpotCAM photos from being uploaded to the platform.
  • Spot Component: Fixed bug that would not clear the current anchoring when a new graph is uploaded.
  • Spot Component: Fixed bug that would allow for the robot to return a false “STATUS_PAUSED” message and cause restarting missions to fail.
  • Spot Component: Improved the “Final Mission Report” so that it will display the autowalk name.
  • Spot Component: Improved battery state topic so that it is easier to read and provides more useful information such as the battery status.
  • Spot Component: Improved performance, by limiting background tasks to only run when subscribed.
  • Spot Component: Added support to allow multiple estop endpoints if the agent is already present.
  • Spot Component: Update SpotCAM service calls for capturing media to allow specification of metadata.
  • Added functionality to allow for running a service in a mode where the platform hanging up does not stop the service.
  • Spot Component: Added functionality so that a “Final MissionReport” is generated regardless if the mission was triggered via the platform or Spot control tablet.
  • Spot Component: Added feature so now Spot publishes the IP address on its wifi network.
  • Spot Component: Added service call to trigger image acquisition: captureImageAndSaveToSpotStorage.
  • Spot Component: Added service call that allows for the incremental movement of the PTZ SpotCAM.
  • Spot Component: Added a service call to allow adjusting the zoom of the SpotCAM PTZ camera.
  • Spot Component: Added telemetry for the position of the PTZ camera on the SpotCAM.
  • Spot Component: Added a publisher topic for whether or not the agent holds the estop.
  • Spot Component: Added ability to clear service faults.
  • Spot Component: Added functionality to allow for a new map to be recorded without use of the controller as well as extend an existing map that has been saved to disk.
  • Spot Component: Added service GetVisibleFiducials that returns the value of any visible fiducial.
  • Spot Component: Added service TryLocalizationWithGuess to allow specifying anchor pose/waypoint.
  • Spot Component: Added service localizeToSpecifiedFiducial to allow localising to a specified fiducial.
  • Spot Component: Removed unused SpotCAM storeImage service call to avoid confusion.
  • Spot Component: Fixed bug which could prevent Spot's route being shown on LOps page.
  • [Beta functionality] New Leica Component which allows for the support of the Leica BLK ARC laser scanning module as a payload on spot.
  • Rocos Component: Fixed panic that could occur during setup when registering to an existing robot.
  • Video Plugin: Fixed bug that was causing video feed to reconnect after being closed by a user.
  • Video Plugin: Fixed bug that would leave a thread running when the video feed is stopped.
  • Files Component: Fixed bug that could cause the component to get stuck and consume all of the CPU.
  • Files Component: Fixed bug that was resulting in error messages when calling the read file service.
  • Files Component: Improved queueing of pending file transfers.
  • Files Component: Improved transfer of large files to use chunking.
  • Event Component: Increased the logging level so that it is easier to diagnose any issues.
  • Scheduler Component: Fixed bug that would cause scheduled tasks to run erratically or not run at all.
  • Flow Component: Improved readability of logs by cleaning up the excessive number of time fields.

This agent version does not support the V2 visual script workflow schema.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.6.7

25th July, 2022

  • Spot Component: Added functionality to allow for the SpotCAM+ to be controlled via buttons on the dashboard.
  • Spot Component: Improved SpotCAM functionality in compositor, stream quality, power, media logging and audio service.
  • Spot Component: Improved SpotCAM streaming reliability by setting the default video bitrate to 1Mbps.
  • Spot Component: Fix reporting of Spot mission status so that erroneous “STATUS_PAUSED” messages no longer appear.
  • Spot Component: Fixed potential panic that could occur after re-authentication of the Spot Component.
  • Rocos Component: Improved reporting of CPU usage on non-linux systems.
  • Video Plugin: Fixed WebRTC bug where new connections could be considered bad and immediately closed.
  • Files Component: Added service for writing content to a file.
  • File Component: Added a service for reading the content of a file.
  • Files Component: Added the ability to track file transfer progress.
  • Files Component: Added ability to recursively monitor files.
  • Files Component: Fixed potential panic which could occur under some circumstances.
  • Files Component: Fixed bug that would allow many concurrent uploads of the same file.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.6.4

10th June, 2022

  • Spot Component: Improved logging of final mission report.
  • Spot Component: Improved logging during boot up.
  • Spot Component: Improved reporting of critical faults.
  • Spot Component: Improved lease and estop acquisition on robot start up.
  • Spot Component: Added functionality to allow for remotely power cycling.
  • Spot Component: Added support for Spot v3.1.x firmware.*
  • Spot Component (Beta): Support for streaming video from SpotCAM.
  • Video Plugin: Improved reliability of WebRTC connectivity.
  • Video Plugin: Fixed potential panic which could occur under some rare conditions.
  • New GStreamer Plugin which supports streaming video via gRPC; this allows streaming on enterprise networks where negotiating WebRTC connections fails.
  • ROS Component: Fixed bug that caused JSON marshalling to fail due to escaped character sequences in ROS message.
  • New Files Component (Beta) which provides improved access to the local file system of the host computer, including support for monitoring folders for changes and automatic synchronization to cloud.
  • Telemetry Sender Plugin: Improved telemetry throughput.
  • Telemetry Sender Plugin: Fixed intermittent configuration issue.
  • Telemetry Sender Plugin: Updated message sender diagnostics topic to use JSON representation.
  • Fixed issue where Proc topic blocks and consumes CPU on Intel based Mac and Windows hosts.

All Spot autowalks which were saved to the agent host computer using a previous agent version will need to be re-uploaded and saved again after upgrading.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.6.1

26th July, 2021

  • Load Test Component: Improvements to reduce resource consumption when idle.
  • Load Test Component: Renamed config options and added service calls for online reconfiguration.
  • Fixed issue where attempting to stream very large telemetry messages could disrupt telemetry.
  • Fixed issue where components would not load correctly if one component was misconfigured.
  • Fixed issue where events with trigger conditions using dot notation would fail.
  • Fixed issue where the static configuration file could become corrupted during a hard reboot.

Download links (stable release):

Rocos Agent v1.6.0

2nd July, 2021

  • Fixed issue with storage stream database which could cause a crash if the database was corrupted in a particular manner.
  • Fixed issue where agent would not start while offline if token has expired.
  • New logging format; new logging system improves runtime performance.
  • HTTP Component: support for calling an HTTP endpoint as a Service.
  • New Shell Component: support for calling shell commands/scripts as a Service.
  • New Shell Component: support for remote terminal sessions - see Remote Shell Access.
  • Spot Component: more reliable handling of Spot control leases and e-stop functionality.
  • Spot Component: support for invoking Spot functionality via Service calls.
  • Generate telemetry streaming performance improvements.
  • New Conversion Component: performs data conversion operations on telemetry messages, allowing conversion of messages which are published in formats which are awkward to bind against (such as ROS tf transform messages).
  • Rocos Diagnostics Component: improvements in telemetry message sender stats reporting format.
  • New Map (Beta) Component: high performance ingestion of ROS pointcloud2 and laserscan messages for voxel based map streaming.
  • New Flow Engine (Beta) Component: beta release of runtime engine for new Automate system.
  • Other bug fixes.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.5.2

9th April, 2021

  • ROS Component: fixed potential panic if the agent is fed invalid/corrupted ROSTCP packets.
  • Fixed race condition which could cause telemetry to stop working under some specific circumstances with topics publishing very slowly.
  • Fixed race condition which could cause cached telemetry to be lost under some specific circumstances.
  • Rocos Diagnostics Component: fixed incorrect calculation of telemetry redial cycle count metric.

Download links (stable release):

Rocos Agent v1.5.1

19th March, 2021

  • ROS Component: reduced parsing strictness of fields in time types, to accomodate inconsistency between rospy and roscpp representations of time.
  • ROS Component: improved flow-control responsiveness when handling heavy loads.
  • Events & Actions Component: fixed potential panic due to metadata race condition.
  • System Component: fixed issue with netUp & netDn not being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed issue in Debian installer which caused upgrades to fail on some systems; affected older versions of the agent will still need to be uninstalled separately before installing this version.
  • More verbose error reporting of problems encountered during interactive init process.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.5.0

18th February, 2021

  • ROS Plugin: significantly improved streaming efficiency, reducing CPU usage while streaming high frequency topics.
  • General telemetry streaming performance improvements.
  • Fixed file permissions issue which cause storage streams to fail on some Linux system configurations.
  • Teleop Gateway Plugin: Allowed use of rg query parameter to persist subscriptions between receiver connections.
  • Improved resilience of storage stream cache database; the agent will now recover automatically if the database file is corrupted by a power-cycle.
  • Improved resilience of authentication token to bad system clocks; the agent will now automatically refresh the token if a bad system clock results in the token expiring unexpectedly.
  • Fixed issue where storage streams would not collect data if a topic was duplicated in the stream definition.
  • Fixed issue where the first few console logs would not be captured to the logs topic.
  • Fixed issue where telemetry sending may not recover after a particularly timed series of network disconnections and topic posts.

Download links (unstable release):

Rocos Agent v1.4.1

2nd November, 2020

  • ROS Plugin: fixed issue with status reporting when calling ROS Actions as Services.
  • Fixed issue which could cause misconfiguration when installing on Ubuntu 20.x.
  • Rocos Diagnostics Plugin: fixed issue which could cause missing log messages.
  • Rocos Diagnostics Plugin: log topic now automatically viewed as table in Portal live data viewer.

Download links (stable release):

Rocos Agent v1.4.0

24th September, 2020

  • Support for changing the location of configuration and cache files: refer to File Locations.
  • Support for Services, providing a request/response primitive.
  • ROS Plugin: Support for calling ROS Services and ROS Actions via Services.
  • System Plugin: Support for reading some static Linux system configuration information via Services.
  • System Plugin: Disk usage information for mounted block devices published as /services/block topic.
  • System Plugin: Data from lmsensors compatible sensors published as /services/hwmon topic.
  • ROSBridge Plugin: This plugin is not longer supported, having been rendered obsolete by the ROS Plugin.

Agent v1.4.0 makes changes to how available resources are discovered on the robot, to make use of the new request/response functionality introduced by Services: some changes to Agent Settings are required in order to support these changes:

When upgrading an Agent from a version older than v1.4.0, you will need to make some alterations to the configuration on the Agent Settings page in the Rocos portal at the same time.

  1. In order for the Data Picker, and Live Data Viewer components of the Rocos Portal to work correctly, you will need to add an appropriate section to the Agent plugin configuration to enable the "service-receiver" plugin.

Rocos Agent v1.3.2

16th July, 2020

  • Video Plugin: Fixed issue where frames exceeding 65KB were lost.
  • Event payload can now be manipulated to prevent performance issues with very large source messages.

Rocos Agent v1.3.1

7th July, 2020

  • Storage Streams: A wildcard * operator may now be used in topic names to configure a single telemetry stream definition to subscribe to all matching topics.
  • Events are now dispatched on a separate topic for each discrete event definition: /events/eventName
  • Fixed issue where in some situations a missing configuration file could cause agent to panic.
  • Fixed issue where some events were not dispatched reliably.

Rocos Agent v1.3.0

July 1st, 2020

  • Storage Streams: Substantial increase in storage stream throughput, by sending data in parallel. The persistent-sender plugin's configuration setting sendBatchSize determines the number of messages sent at a time, and should be in the range 1-100.
  • Storage Streams: Stream definitions are now persisted to disk locally by the agent, so that storage streams will begin to capture data immediately if the agent has no internet access at startup.
  • Reduced CPU consumption of subscriptions to topics which are being filtered using the int (sample interval) query string parameter.
  • Changes to log output to assist in diagnostics.
  • Fixed issues when changing configuration options of plugins at runtime.
  • New Plugin: Spot - Prototype support for Boston-Dynamics Spot robots.
  • New Plugin: command-executor & command-receiver - Support for new Rocos 'Commands' functionality.
  • New Plugin: events - Support for new Rocos 'Events' functionality.

Agent v1.3.0 changes the name and functionality of some core components to improve reliability and performance: some changes to Agent Settings are required in order to support these changes:

When upgrading an Agent from a version older than v1.3.0, you will need to make some alterations to the configuration on the Agent Settings page in the Rocos portal at the same time.

  1. The component which was previously named "teleop-sender" is now named "telemetry-sender". Find the configuration entry for this plugin and change the "id" setting accordingly.
  2. The component which was previously named "teleop-receiver" is now named "control-receiver". Find the configuration entry for this plugin and change the "id" setting accordingly.
  3. In order to use the new Commands and Events functionality supported by the Agent, you will need to add appropriate sections Agent plugin configuration to enable the "command-receiver", "command-executor", and "events" plugins.

Rocos Agent v1.2.4

May 26th, 2020

  • Video Plugin: Fixed issue with black screen on machines where localhost resolves to IPv6.

Rocos Agent v1.2.3

May 22nd, 2020

  • Video Plugin: Changed ingestion mechanism to prevent corruption of frame data when tokenising.
  • Video Plugin: Fixed issue where logLevel setting was ignored.
  • Video Plugin: Improved resilience against browsers reporting invalid ICE candidates.
  • Reduced verbosity of warnings when telemetry server connection disrupted.
  • MAVLink Plugin: Fixed incorrect handling of special float values.
  • Installer now adds rocos-agent user to the dialout group.
  • Fixed issue where agent would fail to start if component config file was missing.
  • Fixed issue where number of messages dropped due to TTL was incorrect.
  • Added --version command line option to print agent version information.

Rocos Agent v1.2.2

April 30th, 2020

MAVLink Plugin: Fixed issue with invalid default common definitions XML file.

ROS Plugin: Fixed issue which caused excessive CPU consumption when idle.

TCP Plugin: Incoming messages now include remote address in message metadata.

Rocos Plugin: Added estimated clock offset information to /agent/clock/offset topic.

Rocos Agent v1.2.1

April 22nd, 2020

  • Fixed issue with platform sender components being registered twice.
  • Video Plugin: Fixed issue where intermittent network connectivity could cause agent to panic.
  • Video Plugin: Added support for namedSources config option for UDP/RTSP based video pipelines.
  • Video Plugin: Improved stream resiliency by persisting attempts after a failed sample write.
  • Fixed issue on Windows with high heartbeat jitter.

Rocos Agent v1.2.0

April 15th, 2020

  • MAVLink Plugin: support for custom dialects via ingestion of message definition XML files at runtime.
  • MAVLink Plugin: support for operation as a MAVLink router through configuration of multiple endpoints.
  • MAVLink Plugin: support for direct connection to a serial device.
  • MAVLink Plugin: message and field naming convention now respects original case and use of underscores.
  • Video Plugin: improved diagnostic output including WebRTC streaming information.
  • Video Plugin: fixed issue where P2P video streams would not restart correctly after stopping.
  • Video Plugin: fixed issue where invalid GStreamer pipelines would not raise an error.
  • Video Plugin: fixed issue where reflexive ICE candidates would not be used in creating P2P connections.
  • Agent now uses NTP to estimate global time when determining when auth tokens need refresh, in case the local RTC isn't correct.
  • Agent now automatically updates credentials which expire during long running streaming operations.
  • TCP Plugin: fixed bug where JSON enveloped topic names would be handled incorrectly.

Rocos Agent v1.1.0

March 10th, 2020

  • File Transfer Plugin: support for upload and download of files with arbitrary size, removing the previous limitation of 10MB in the downstream direction only.
  • HTTP Plugin: support for querying HTTP endpoints to act as a data source.
  • Rocos Diagnostics Plugin: version topic now includes build hash: /rocos/agent/version/build.
  • Fixed issue with missing configuration data for China region agents operating in LAN only environments.
  • Internal architectural changes for better stability.

Rocos Agent v1.0.1

February 19th, 2020

  • Fixed issue where high bandwidth storage streams could cause crash.
  • Fixed issue where malformed GStreamer settings could cause crash.

Rocos Agent v1.0.0 & v0.1.4

February 13th, 2020

  • Fixed issues with MAVLink plugin.

Rocos Agent v0.1.3-10942beta

February 12th, 2020

  • Control plugins merged with telemetry plugins into bidirectional plugins: replaced mavlink-control w. mavlink, http-control w. http, tcp-control w. tcp.
  • TCP Plugin: Added raw mode.
  • Fixed issue could cause data sources to be incompletely listed in the portal.
  • Fixed issue which could cause Robots to incorrectly appear offline in the portal.
  • Fixed issue where Teleop Sender could deliver stale messages.

Rocos Agent v0.1.2-10050beta

January 29th, 2020

  • System Plugin: Operation supported on Windows.
  • ROS Plugin: Fixed issue where nested package search path were not searched correctly.

Rocos Agent v0.1.1-9959beta

January 28th, 2020

  • New Feature: Rocos Plugin outputting diagnostic information.
  • New Feature: New Telemetry Sender plugin with support for streaming of telemetry messages at high rates.
  • System Plugin: Added CPU and memory information to /processes topic.
  • System Plugin: Added CPU model info to /cpu topic.
  • Fixed issue where Teleop Sender could deliver stale messages.

Rocos Agent v0.1.0-9300beta

January 15th, 2020

  • New Feature: Remote configuration of agent plugin/components.
  • New Plugin: Native ROS Plugin.
  • New Plugin: File Transfer Plugin..
  • Improvements in Linux package installer: -x and -s command line parameters no longer required and removed.
  • Improvements in Linux package installer: installation on Ubuntu 14.04 supported.
  • Improvements in Linux package installer: agent configuration now preserved during upgrades.
  • System Plugin: Added /cpu/agg data source containing mean CPU load over all cores.
  • System Plugin: Added /processes data source containing list of process information.
  • New Feature: GZip compression applied to telemetry streams to reduce bandwidth when transmitting sparse data.

Before installing Rocos Agent v0.1.0, uninstall any older version of Rocos Agent.

Rocos Agent v0.0.10-5862

October 15, 2019

Download Windows Version

  • Background preparation for remote config featureset

Rocos Agent v0.0.10-5454

September 18, 2019

Download Windows Version

  • The MAVlink Control component now supports both UDP and TCP, and running in either client or server mode depending on which end you'd like to initiate the connection
  • A new HTTP Control component allows you to send control messages to API endpoints local to the robot
  • A new TCP control component allows you to send messages back through to the TCP connected robot. This component also acts as a source of telemetry, so you only need this one if you're using TCP, not both TCP and TCP Control
  • Fixes issues when restarting as a systemd service
  • Improves stability for peer to peer connections running over long durations
  • Fixes issue with device permissions when running the video component as a systemd service

Rocos Agent v0.0.10-5180

August 22, 2019

No changes for the Windows agent

  • Fixed a socket concurrency issue in rosbridge-control
  • Added a new flag for init '-x' which allows the user to opt-out of installing the agent as a systemd service (Linux only)

Rocos Agent v0.0.10-5166

August 21, 2019

No changes for the Windows agent

  • Better re-subscription behaviour for LAN based telemetry gateway and receivers
  • Bug fix for missing message types

Rocos Agent v0.0.10-5069

August 10, 2019

No changes for the Windows agent

  • Enforced strict de-duplication of messages sent via ROSbridge
  • Better unique identifiers for ROS based messages

Rocos Agent v0.0.10-5053

August 6, 2019

No changes for the Windows agent

  • Fix for an issue where data URIs configured in the telemetry-receiver component with large TTLs would cause the streams to take a very long time to start sending again after a network connection drop

Rocos Agent v0.0.10-5010

August 1, 2019

Download Windows Version

  • Numerous fixes for managing order of ROS node startup, including support for 'Any' type topics before they've had messages published to them

Rocos Agent v0.0.10-4642

July 15, 2019

Download Windows Version

  • Added buffering support for sources subscribed using the telemetry-receiver component
  • Performance improvements for sending multiple simultaneous streams of varying frequencies and payload sizes

Rocos Agent v0.0.9-4607

July 10, 2019

Download Windows Version

  • Fixed crash connecting to ROSBridge under certain conditions
  • Provided more reliable subscription process when agents with ROSBridge on LANs start-up at different times

Rocos Agent v0.0.9-4464

June 21, 2019

Download Windows Version

Added support for automated or 'non-interactive' agent provisioning

Fixed issues related to control reliability

Improved interactive-mode authentication process

Rocos Agent v0.0.8-4430

June 18, 2019

Download Windows Version

  • Fixed issue when installing when rocos-agent user and group already exist on the target OS
  • Fixed unnecessary warning as first output when running the agent
  • Fixed the TCP component's behaviour to avoid hanging on long-running connections

Rocos Agent v0.0.8-4289

June 13, 2019

Download Windows Version

Telemetry Receiver and ROSBridge Control components are now destination aware, so that if the destination topic does not exist the ROSBridge Control component will create a new one, either with a type of 'msgs_common/String' if no 'destinationType' is specified, or with the specified type. See the Telemetry Receiver component for more information.

Rocos Agent v0.0.7-4263

June 7, 2019

Download Windows Version

  • Added support for sending mission waypoint files to UAVs
  • Added support for acknowledgments for control messages

Rocos Agent v0.0.6-3821

May 15, 2019

Download Windows Version

  • Added a new TCP component which allows systems on the Robot to send arbitrary messages to the Rocos platform via a TCP socket
  • The component can work with or without defined schemas. Read how to configure the TCP component.

Rocos Agent v0.0.5-3163

April 8, 2019

Download Windows Version

  • Significant refactor in preparation for roadmap items
  • Support for schemas sent from local agent, including dynamic schema generation for ROSBridge. This improves the user experience in the Data Viewer
  • Changed config file format in preparation for remote config
  • Minor changes to support Rocos Agent for Windows
  • Fixed issue with token refresh (GitHub #26)
  • Changed install file layout for Rocos Agent for Ubuntu. Config files now stored in /etc/opt/rocos-agent (GitHub #16). Main config file renamed to agent.json.
  • The agent will now display an error and quit if another instance of the agent is running. The agent must now also be run with a -d flag if run in the foreground, to disambiguate running first time and running as a daemon (GitHub #8).

Rocos Agent v0.0.4-2546

March 13, 2019

Rocos Agent v0.0.3-2232

February 21, 2019

  • Common libraries updated to support control components

Rocos Agent v0.0.3-2154

February 18, 2019

  • Changes to configuration to better support agents running with virtual robots
  • Changes to deployment and publishing pipeline