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Provisioning Personal Access Tokens

Personal Access Tokens (PATs) give users the ability to provision the DroneDeploy Agent automatically without needing interactive authentication to the DroneDeploy Robotics Portal during the installation process.

PATs are created and managed on the Robot Profile (Connect > Robot Profiles > Provisioning).

Creating a new PAT

When creating a new PAT give it a human-friendly name and so make sure you note it somewhere safe and secure. Note that the token is displayed only once - during creation - after which you won't have access to it, .

The PAT can only be used to register a robot with the platform and not for any other purpose.

PATs are valid for 90 days, or until deleted, after which you'll need to create a new one; any automated processes you have which use it will need to be updated.

To use the PAT for provisioning the agent see - Automated Agent Installation.