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Connect your own Robot

You connect your own robot by installing the DroneDeploy Agent. You can read more about the agent here.

You can either register a robot in the DroneDeploy Robotics Portal first and then install the agent, or just go ahead and install the agent on the robot - the installation process will register the robot for you in the DroneDeploy Robotics Portal.

Here are some prerequisites:

  1. You must have set up an account and created a project in the Robot Automation Portal
  2. The robot must be connected to the internet at the time you install the agent
  3. The agent is installed on the command line, so you need a terminal open to your robot or to have a keyboard and monitor plugged into it directly.
  4. On Linux operating systems, you'll need to have enough rights to run commands with sudo

For instructions to install on an Ubuntu based OS, click here.

For instructions to install on a Windows based OS, click here.

For information regarding using the Agent inside a Docker container, see here.