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File Transfer

The File Transfer plugin allows you to browse the file system of the computer on which the agent is running from the DroneDeploy Robotics Portal, to download files from the robot via your browser, and to upload files from your computer onto the robot via your browser.


On Agents prior to version v1.1.0, the File Transfer plugin is limited to downloading files with maximum size of 10MB.


On Agents prior to version v1.1.0, the File Transfer plug is limited to only downloading files.


To use the File Transfer plugin, your agent will need a section in its agent-settings.json file which enables the file-transfer component, as shown below. For more information on how to configure the agent plugins, see Agent Configuration.

"components": [
"enabled": true,
"id": "file-transfer",
"settings": {
"logLevel": 4,
"address": ""

The File Transfer plugin understands the following configuration parameters:

enabledWhether to enable the File Transfer plugin or not.true
nameHow this instance of the plugin should be named."file-transfer"
logLevelThe logging verbosity: from 1 (very quiet) to 6 (very talkative).4
addressThe DroneDeploy portal endpoint to connect to. Don't change this. This field is optional: if the field is missing, then the Agent will instead use the default API address.""