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The insta360 plugin supports an arbitrary number of insta360 cameras connected by USB. The following features are supported:

  • Taking a photo
  • Taking video
  • Timelapse video
  • On-camera file management
  • Getting device information (serial number, firmware version, etc)

Supported Platforms

The insta360 plugin is only supported on debian-based machines.

Getting Started

The insta360 plugin is does not come with the agent by default. To install it, ensure you have setup your apt sources and run:

sudo apt install rocos-agent-plugin-insta360

Your agent will need a section in its agent-settings.json file which enables the insta360 component, as shown below. For more information on how to configure the agent plugins, see Agent Configuration.

"components": [
"enabled": true,
"id": "plugin",
"settings": {
"logLevel": 4,
"name": "insta360",
"plugin": "/opt/rocos-agent/bin/rocos-agent-plugin-insta360",
"downloadDirectory": "/var/opt/rocos-agent/data/raw/insta360",
"disableAutoDelete": false

The Insta360 plugin understands the following configuration parameters:

enabledWhether to enable the plugin or notfalse
nameHow this instance of the plugin should be named.-
logLevelThe logging verbosity: 1 - very quiet, 6 - very talkative4
pluginRequired. The location of the plugin's executable file. If you have installed with apt , the location will be /opt/rocos-agent/bin/rocos-agent-plugin-insta360
downloadDirectoryRequired. Where captured files will be saved on the agent's machine. The designated directory must exist; the plugin does not attempt to create a directory which does not exist.
disableAutoDeleteCaptures made by the plugin are automatically deleted from the camera, unless this option is set to truefalse

Camera Setup

Ensure that your camera's USB Mode is set to Android

To avoid the camera from turning off, set the camera's Auto Power Off to Never

Make sure the camera is On and connected via USB to the machine the agent is running on before starting the agent. If the camera was Off or disconnected, you can call the Scan service to connect to the camera.


The camera turns off/disconnects after X minutes

  1. Please check the camera's Auto Power Off is set to Never
  2. If the problem persists, please contact our support team, and include a copy of the plugin's status telemetry.

I cannot connect a second insta360 camera

  1. The plugin supports only one camera at a time. Connecting a second camera will not work.