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Service Receiver

The Service Receiver component allows the Agent to establish a connection to the Robot Automation Platform, or to a local LAN gateway, allowing it to receive and execute Services. Because Services are required in order for the Data Picker and Live Data Viewer functionality of the Robot Automation Portal to work correctly, you should not disable this component unless operating in an offline environment.


To use the Service Receiver plugin, your agent will need a section in its agent-settings.json file which enables the service-receiver component, as shown below. For more information on how to configure the agent plugins, see Agent Configuration.

"components": [
"enabled": true, // set this to true to enable this plugin
"id": "service-receiver", // the unique identifier for this plugin - don't change this
"settings": {
"logLevel": 1 // the log level for this component. Choose a range between 1 (least verbose) to 6 (most verbose),