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Data Capture

The Agent Spot component provides the ability to store and download data saved in Spot's data storage. Information on how Boston Dynamics have arranged this can be found in their documentation here.


The following data services are made available by the spot component as can be seen in the Live Data Viewer:


  • This allows a spot data acquisition to be triggered and the resulting data saved onto spot's data storage. It requires a name as input: the name of the data acquisition service. A list of data acquisition services can be found using the getServiceInfo service. E.g. to trigger a SpotCAM PTZ image capture, the name input would be "spot-cam-ptz".


  • This service downloads all of the image files in spot's data storage since the last time the service was called (or since the agent was started - whichever came later). It takes as input an array of file attributes that can be added to each image file downloaded.


  • This service lists all of the data acquisition and image acquisition sources available on spot.


  • This returns the directory to which images downloaded from spot are saved.

File Attributes

The Agent uses file "extended attributes" to attach important metadata to files it operates on.

When the Agent downloads images from Spot (using the downloadLatestFiles service call described above), it parses the associated metadata files that are received with these images. The position of Spot in its anchor frame at the time of the image capture can this way be determined, and related file attributes are automatically set. Specifically, the file attributes for the x, y, and z position of Spot are set using the keys "x", "y", and "z", respectively.

If Spot was not localized in its anchor frame at the time of the image capture, then the setting of the position file attributes is skipped.

Relevant Agent Settings

See the documentation on Spot agent settings for information on how these settings should be used.

  • dataAcquisitionUploadDirectory
  • automaticallyDownloadNewData