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The Agent's Spot Component handles the lease acquisition process required for controlling Spot. Documentation from Boston Dynamics on their leasing system can be found here.

Many commands sent from the Agent to Spot will only be accepted if the Agent holds a valid lease.

Data Model

The Live Data Viewer shows the services and telemetry available related to Spot's lease, as shown in the image below.


  • acquire: Calling this service acquires the lease from Spot. The lease will then be held as long as the Agent is running and as long as no other client takes the lease away from the Agent. Invoking this service will result in the lease forcefully being taken if it is currently owned by another client.
  • return: This returns the lease, relinquishing the Agent's control of Spot.


  • lastAcquisitionTimestamp: The unix epoch timestamp in nanoseconds for the last point in time that the Agent acquired the lease from Spot.
  • leaseHeld: A boolean message (true/false) showing whether or not the Agent currently holds the lease.