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The Spot component offers services to configure Spot's payloads.

Data Model


  • estimatePayloadProperties: Spot will move around such that it can determine the mass and positional properties of a new payload. It will return these calculates properties.
  • getAuthToken: This returns the auth token for a given payload.
  • listAttachedPayloads: Lists the payloads configured as attached on Spot.
  • register : Registers a payload with the following inputs. Note that the secret should be noted down for future use. The guid can be found from the listAttachedPayloads response, or in the Spot admin console.
"name": "",
"description": "",
"isNoncomputePayload": false,
"credentials": {
"guid": "",
"secret": ""
  • updateAttached: Update whether or not the payload specified by the input guid and secret is currently attached to Spot.
  • updateVersion: Updates the version stored for the payload. Note that this is only updating the version metadata associated with the payload - it is not actually performing any software updates.

Example Steps for Registering a New Payload

  • Call the register service with inputs filled in.

  • The Spot admin console will now show a payload ready for authorization in the Payloads tab. Click Authorize for your newly registered payload.

  • You can now use your guid and secret to call other payload services such as updateAttached to configure this payload dynamically with the Agent: