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Spot CAM

The Agent Spot component allows controlling and receiving data from Boston Dynamics Spot CAM payloads.

Data Model

The Live Data Viewer shows the services and telemetry available related to the Spot CAM.

Avoid Cage

The Agent provides logic around avoiding the PTZ cage for the following services:

  • /spot/spotcam/ptz/setPosition
  • /spot/spotcam/ptz/setPositionByRadian

If the avoidCage input parameter is set to true, Spot will rotate its body a sufficient amount so that the final pan position of the PTZ is not blocked by the cage. The PTZ rotation is correspondingly updated to account for this. Spot will rotate about the center of the PTZ, minimising the parallax error. However, there will be some error introduced by this. For high accuracy pan positioning required, it is recommended that Spot is lined up with a clear view of the PTZ target so that additional rotation of Spot's body to avoid the cage is not required.