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The System Agent Plugin provides basic system level information of the robot such as CPU, memory, and network usage.


To use the System plugin, your agent will need a section in its agent-settings.json file which enables the system component, as shown below. For more information on how to configure the agent plugins, see Agent Configuration.

"components": [
"id": "system", // the unique identifier for this component - don't change this
"enabled": true, // set this to false to disable this component
"settings": {
"intervalSeconds": 1, // the rate at which to poll the OS for system info
"logLevel": 1 // the log level for this component. Choose a range between 1 (least verbose) to 6 (most verbose)

Data Model

Data URIDescriptionUnitExample
/system/cpu/cpusArray of CPUs, with reported CPU load for each.0-1[<br/> {<br/> "proc": 0,<br/> "usage": 0.57731956<br/> },<br/> {<br/> "proc": 1,<br/> "usage": 0.68421054<br/> } ]
/system/cpu/aggAggregate CPU load, calculated as instantaneous mean across all individual CPU load measurement.0-10.69978454
/system/networkArray of network interfaces, with number of TX and RX bytes for each.B[ {<br/> "iface": "eth0",<br/> "rxbytes": 462,<br/> "txbytes": 638},<br/> {<br/> "iface": "lo",<br/> "rxbytes": 508,<br/> "txbytes": 501}<br/>]
/system/processes/processesArray of processes running on the robot, and details of each.[ { "pid": 1, "ppid": 0, "cmd": "/sbin/init splash", "nice": 0, "name": "systemd" } ]