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Automated Agent Installation

DroneDeploy Robotics supports automated provisioning of agents for robots, so you can undertake non-interactive installations or use scripts to provision multiple robots at once.

This is undertaken using a Personal Access Token, generated on the 'Provision' tab of your robot definition.

First, ensure the agent binaries are present on your system, following just the 'Download the Installer Package'instructions here for Ubuntu (come back to this page before you get to the sudo rocos-agent command), or the 'Installation' section here for Windows (return here before you get to the rocos-agent.exe command).

To perform a non-interactive install, pass in your PAT on the rocos initialization command (for Windows, replace 'sudo rocos-agent' with 'rocos-agent.exe'):

sudo rocos-agent -p {your personal access token}

By default, a callsign and name will be generated for your robot, however to set these explicitly, use the following switches:

sudo rocos-agent -p {your personal access token} -c {callsign} -n {name}

The initialization process will run, using your PAT to know which project to add the robot, and which robot definition to assign.